• Quilting Foot

    Quilting Foot

    Free motion presser foot used for free-motion sewing and ruler work.

    With a distance of ¼” (6.5mm) from the needle entry point to the outer edge, use this presser foot for free motion quilting and to sew with a quilting ruler as a guide.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: 40125767
    • TL-2200QVP S: 40125767
  • Table Polish Paste

    Table Polish Paste

    Use table polish with cloth to create a clean and ultra-smooth surface for your quilt to glide over.

  • Rear Handles

    Rear Handles

    Handle allows you to operate the sewing machine from back of machine by moving the LCD screen and laser light.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: Rear Handlebars
  • Quilt Clips

    Quilt Clips

    4 quilt clips for 1 ½” frame rails.

    These quilt clips allow you to adjust your quilt and have the perfect fabric tension while quilting.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: TL-2200CLIP
  • Learning Ruler Kit

    Learning Ruler Kit

    This quilting ruler is used for creating a pattern while stitching.

    Various patterns can be formed by combining basic lines and shapes. Be sure to use this kit together with the ruler base and presser foot for a ruler. The kit contents and shapes may differ.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: Learning Ruler T Set
  • Ruler Base

    Ruler Base

    This base if used for stabilizing rulers when stitching designs.

    Install this base around the needle plate of the machine to expand the work surface. Base can be removed when not in use.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: Ruler Base
  • Leader Cloth

    Leader Cloth

    3 piece set of leaders for attaching quilt fabric to rails.

    With this leader cloth, excess fabric is not needed for wrapping around rails, and the printed guidelines help with aligning. This cloth is 10 feet wide.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-220QVP: 112”: 4STRL-112
    • TL-2200QVP: 136”: 4STRL-136


  • Tension Gauge

    Tension Gauge

    This gauge can be used for measuring the tension of the bobbin thread.

    The tension of the bobbin thread can be measured while leaving the bobbin case installed.

    Model & Part Number: 400TM3

  • Sub Table

    Sub Table

    This auxiliary table can be used to enlarge the work surface on the TL-2200QVP S.

    This table is useful when sewing large projects. Two are required for installation on the left and right sides. Work area dimensions 15.7” (W) x 33.7” (D).

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP S: 81007841
  • Needle


    Longarm needle pack.

    This set contains ten GB 134R #18 needles.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: MDP5AAB11OT
    • TL-2200QVP S: MDP5AAB11OT
  • Bobbin Case

    Bobbin Case

    M size bobbin case for a double-capacity hook.

    This bobbin case allows you to adjust he bobbin thread tension.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: B1837201SA09
    • TL-2200QVP S: B1837201SA0
  • Couching Foot

    Couching Foot

    The Couching Foot is used for sewing decorative thread, yarn, and much more. This set includes two different sizes of couching foot.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: 40184899
    • TL-2200QVP S: 40184899

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