• Glide Foot

    Glide Foot

    The glide foot is a bowl-shaped type foot intended to be used for quilting when gliding along applique and other slightly three-dimensional embellishment.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: 402010924
  • Bobbin


    M size bobbins for a double-capacity hook specifically designed for the TL-2200QVP longarm.

    JUKI M bobbins are made of solid aluminum.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: D9117141E00
    • TL-2200QVP S: D9117141E00
  • Open Toe Foot

    Open Toe Foot

    This presser foot for free-motion sewing is open at the front so tht the needle area is easy to see.

    This presser foot is useful for quilting small designs or anytime visual of the needle area is needed.

    Model & Part Number:

    • TL-2200QVP: 40144744
    • TL-2200QVP S: 40144744
  • Ruler Set

    Ruler Set

    This quilting ruler is used as a template for stitching designs using the quilting ruler foot.

    Various patterns can be formed by combining basic lines and shapes.

    Be sure to use this kit together with the presser foot for a ruler. The kit contents and shapes may differ.

    • Part number: JUKI Mini Ruler Kit, JUKI Sit Down Ruler Kit, and JUKI Longarm Ruler Kit

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