• Advanced Quilter's Kit

    Advanced Quilter's Kit

    This set of presser feet is created for quilting and sewing as you advance.

    This set contains the following: Edge sewing presser foot, quilt presser foot (open type), quilt presser foot (zigzag type), open toe presser foot, applique presser foot, and pearl attaching presser foot.

    • DX Series: 40091174
  • Knee-Lifting Lever

    Knee-Lifting Lever

    Increase efficiency by using your knees to lift and lower the presser foot without using your hands.

    Using your knee to push the lever to the right raises the presser foot and when you return it, it will lower the presser foot.

    • DX Series: 40070255
  • Foot Switch Stopper

    Foot Switch Stopper

    This stopper can be used for disabling the foot switch of the foot controller.

    Installing this stopper on the foot controller disables the function that is activated by stepping on the controller with your heel.

    • DX Series: 40165358
  • Wide Table

    Wide Table

    This table enlarges the work surface, allowing you to comfortably sew large projects.

    After removing the auxiliary bed, this table can easily be installed by fitting it into place.

    • DX Series: J-FT(J-F Table)
  • Magnetic Gauge

    Magnetic Gauge

    This gauge is used as a guide for the edge of the fabric when sewing with a fixed seam allowance. A magnet allows you to easily reposition with gauge.

    A strong magnet holds this gauge in place on the needle plate. This gauge can also be used on household sewing machines with a mental needle plate.

    • DX Series: A9848-D25-0A0
  • Thread Stand

    Thread Stand

    This additional thread stand can be used with large cross-wound cone style thread.

    The specially designed thread guide that is also installed smoothly pulls the thread straight up.

    When placing the hard case on the sewing machine, this thread stand and thread guide can be remove in a single step.

    • DX Series: 40163897
  • Stitch Area Magnifier

    Stitch Area Magnifier

    This magnifier allows the needle area to be enlarged by approximately 1.4 times, making it easier to see.

    This is useful for viewing the needle area or performing intricate operations.

    • DX Series: 40164074
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin

    Auxiliary Spool Pin

    This spool pin is used when another thread spool is needed for twin needle sewing or bobbin winding.

    Use this spool pin with a thread spool for twin needle sewing, spare machine threading or bobbin winding.

    • DX Series: 40080967
  • Twin Needle

    Twin Needle

    You can sew straight lines and decorative patterns in a parallel with two needles with 0.07” (2mm) spacing.

    For beautiful decorative stitches two threads can be a perfect addition.

    Set the sewing machines with 2 needle settings with optional functions. Not all stitches are approved for twin needle design.

    • DX Series: 40083061
  • Quilt Guide

    Quilt Guide

    This guide is used for sewing equally spaced rows of stitching.

    Insert this guide into the hole of the presser foot holder or the walking foot, and then sew while lightly tracing this guide along stitching.

    Adjust the spacing of the stitching by changing how far this guide is inserted.

    • DX Series: A9833-550-0A0
  • Cording Presser Foot (3 Cords)

    Cording Presser Foot (3 Cords)

    This presser foot is used for sewing on up to three thin decorative cords or embroidery threads.

    Pass threads through the three channels in front of the needle entry opening and sew them with the three-point zigzag stitch or decorative stitches in order to create three-dimensional decorations.

    • DX Series: A9829-880-0A0
  • Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot

    Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot

    This presser foot is used for free-motion sewing of cording.

    This presser foot has a hole for supplying cording to be sewn over.

    With the feed dog lowered, you can freely move the fabric to create simple embroidery with cording.

    • DX Series: 40080950

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