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Window Valance

Create a Fun Window Valance

Fun and Easy, A Great Way to Change Up Your Décor.


Measure Your Window

To create the width of the valance, use 1½ to 2 times the width of the window.

If your window is 40 inches wide…

I use a double fold of 40-42 inch fabric. If you need to put a seam in to create the width, it’s no problem.  The fullness of the valance will hide the seam.

Length of the Valance

I like the total Finished Length of the Valance to be about 12 inches.  You can make it longer or shorter depending on your window.


Create the Valance

I cut my Feature fabric 10 inches tall by the desired width for my window.  With the Bird fabric, I did 1 ½ times the window width, I didn’t want it too full, it would hide the print.

Choose a coordinating print, cut 3 ½ inches same width as main print.


With right sides together, sew coordinating print to bottom of main fabric.

Finish seam edges, top and bottom of fabrics with a zig-zag or use your serger.

Turn all edges under, just about a 1/4” and hem.  (top, bottom, sides)

This will give you a nice complete finish.

Turn the top of your valance (wrong sides together), using a straight stich, create a pocket for the curtain rod.  This will be based on the type of curtain rod you use. 

Create One for Every Season, Holiday, or just because you found some really fun fabric.

Happy Sewing,


Feb 16, 2019