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Star Cross Wall Hanging

Pattern and traditional quilt created by Karen Pharr. Modern version created and quilted by Geraldine Wilkins.

This Quilt uses only 4 easy blocks called Crosses and Losses. Combining these 4 blocks creates a stunning star design

  • 1 Crosses and Losses block requires 
  • (2) 6 inch finished half square triangles 
  • (4) 3 inch finished half square triangles
  • (4) 3 inch finished squares
  • This top uses a total of 4 Crosses and Losses Blocks


  • Cut (16) 3 ½ inch squares from light fabric.
  • Cut (8) 3 7/8 inch squares (for half square triangles) both of a dark and light fabric.
  • Cut (4) 6 7/8 inch squares (for half square triangles) both of a dark and light fabric.
  • Follow the instructions below to create your half square triangles.



Creating Your Half Square Triangles

  • Mark one fabric from corner to corner.
  • Layer two fabrics with right sides together.
  • Mark sewing lines ¼ inch from center line on each side and sew. If using a ¼ inch foot you can just sew ¼ inch on each side of the center drawn line.
  •  After sewing the two seams, cut down the center on the original drawn line.
  • Press open, you have created two half square triangle block.


Layout and Assembly of the Crosses and Losses Blocks

  • First create (2) four patches using (2) squares and (2) half square triangles.
  • Next combine into a Crosses and Losses block; you will need to create a total of 4 blocks.
  • Combine your 4 blocks as shown below. Make sure to turn your blocks to create the wonderful star design.


Finishing Your Star Cross Quilt Top

  • Double Borders (remember always measure your quilt top to make sure the borders will fit properly)
  • Border 1
  • Cut strips 1 ½ inches wide from border fabric
  • Measure quilt top and cut side borders to fit side length 
  • Sew borders to side
  • Now measure quilt top and cut top borders to fit length 
  • Sew borders to top of quilt
  • Border 2
  • Cut strips 2 ½ inches wide from border fabric
  • Follow the same instructions as border 1 to add border 2


Quilting Your New Star Cross Quilt Top
It doesn’t matter if you are a hand quilter or machine quilter this top offers lots of wonderful areas for adding your own special touch.
Stitch in the ditch, echo quilt, or stippling to emphasize the star are all great options.

I personally use a pretty skinny binding. Cutting my binding strips at 2” and then doing a double fold, most people cut a 2 ½” binding.

Add your binding, your way.

Enjoy! Make another for afriend.

Happy quilting with Juki!

Feb 16, 2019