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Pumpkin Patch

Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch

A collection of orange scraps, background and stem fabrics.

Adjust your sewing machine stitch length to a shorter than normal stitch. The smaller stitches will help you remove the paper later.

Note: All of your fabric is placed on the un-printed side of your template. The only piece of fabric placed right side up is the very first piece.

All sewing is done on the printed side of the paper:
(Click on the image below for the PDF template)


On your template, the numbers represent the order to add your pieces, and the lines represent your seams.

  1. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to generously cover piece#1. You will need to have more than 1/4” extra fabric all around.
  2. Turn the paper to the Unprinted side and place the first fabric, right side facing up.
  3. Hold the paper up to the light to check that the fabric covers piece #1 with more than a 1/4” extra fabric all around. Pin or baste the first fabric in place.
  4. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to generously cover piece #2.
  5. Place the fabric for piece #2, right side down, on top of fabric piece #1. The two pieces will have right sides together. Pin or baste fabric in place.
  6. Turn the paper over to the pattern printed side.
  7. Stitch on the line between #1 and #2. Sew a few stitches (not more than ¼ inch) beyond the beginning and end of the seam.
  8. Turn the paper over to the Unprinted side and trim the seam you just sewed to 1/4”.
  9. Fold the #2 patch back, showing the right side of the fabric. Finger press seam open.
  10. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover patch #3.
  11. Continue the process as you did for the first steps 1-9 Continuing to follow the pattern sequence.
    Note: use background fabrics on Pumpkin in corner pieces 4,6,9, and 11
  12. Rotary cut on the Outside 1/4” for the block.
  13. Complete pumpkin top using stem and background fabric using method 1-9
  14. Sew top and bottom of block together using ¼” seam allowance.
  15. Remove the paper backing after all the segments are assembled.

Feb 16, 2019