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Chalk Board Wall-hanging

Fabric Requirements

  • Cut chalk board fabric 14 x 18
  • Cut Topper Fabric 7 x 14
  • Cut Bottom Fabric 3 ¾ x 14
  • Cut Outer Side borders 1 ¼ x 28
  • Cut top Borders 1 ¼ x 15 ½
  • Cutting Batting measuring 15 ½ x 29 ½
  • Cut 2 Backing Fabrics
  • Cut Lower Backing Fabric 24 ½ x 15 ¼
  • Cut Upper Backing Fabric 7 ¾ x 15 ¼


Chalk Board Wall-hanging Instructions


Using ¼ inch seam, Sew Topper Fabric to top side of Chalkboard Fabric
Using ¼ inch seam, Sew Bottom Fabric to bottom end of Chalkboard Fabric.

Using ¼ inch seam, Sew side borders to Chalkboard Fabric.

Using a ¼ inch seam, Sew Top and Bottom Borders to your Wall hanging

Add desired decorative stitches, I used a blanket stitch around the edge of my chalk board fabric.

  • A No Binding Backing
  • Prepare Backing Fabric
  • Measure completed top and cut two backing fabrics.
  • Using width of top, Cut 1 width of top x 8 inches.
  • Using width of top, cut 1 width of top x 18 inches.
  • *Choose number of desired button holes and size of button. Flat buttons will work best.
  • Prepare top backing fabric by folding over 2 inches at bottom and inserting button holes.
  • Fold over 2nd backing piece and press fold.
  • Line up upper and lower backing and sew buttons to lower backing.
  • Next layer batting and Chalkboard Top and Backing
  • Place batting on table, layer Chalkboard top next face up. Now place Backing pieces, wrong side down on top.
  • ** Make sure button holes overlap lower bottom backing piece.
  • Sew ¼ inch seam around entire piece.
  • Using opening on backing, flip inside out allowing the right side of backing and right side of Chalkboard to show.

Sew Happy,

Finished Project


Aug 19, 2017